Company at Bucks County Playhouse

"Peter and Susan are cast as an interracial couple. This is not dictated in the script, but works well and makes the show contemporary...This couple was played expertly by Max Kumanagai (seen previously in Ain’t Misbehavin’ last year at BCP) and Susannah Jones."-New Hope Free Press


" The 13 actors with whom he shares the stage all give sharply and imaginatively characterized performances."-Wall Street Journal


"This production succeeds in many ways, with a strong cast that can rattle the rafters and charm each row."- Philadelphia Inquirer


"Tara Rubin Casting gets an “A”: the actors they found for these roles are more than just actors, they are multidimensional performers."- Phindie


The Rivalry at Stageworks/Hudson

"Adele, winsomely portrayed by Susannah Jones. . . offers the humanity to Douglas that Lincoln bears on his own.”

“Jones is straightforward in both her narratives and her interactive scenes. Adele, as she sees her, is a woman who pulls no punches and shoots from the hip if necessary…In two specific scenes with the future President, Jones plays her role perfectly, coy and feminine and yet strong and in charge of herself and of the meeting itself…There are deep challenges in this role and Jones is definitely up to them.”  - THE EDGE NYC

A Christmas Story: The Musical  National Tour


"But it was Susannah Jones, capturing the quiet strength and vulnerability of the Mother, who gave the musical, based on Shepherd's story, its beating heart."-The Oklahoman

"Susannah Jones persuades as the mother. And she's a first-rate vocalist with a real gift for phrasing; she makes "Just Like That," a beguiling ballad about the fleeting nature of childhood, the musical highlight of the show. Jones and Swan connect with particular flair in a short, lovely scene where the parents try to apologize to each other in fragmented sentences that, taken together, add up to "I'm sorry." Such moments help give "A Christmas Story" its welcome charm."-Baltimore Sun

"Susannah Jones is sweet and smart as Ralphie's mom"-San Francisco Chronicle. 

"Jones has a lovely voice and is just right as the loving mama with the heart of gold."-Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Ralphie's parents are played by Christopher Swan and Susannah Jones, who delivers an exceedingly poignant and believable performance."-Broadway World Memphis

"It is most successful in the fantasy production number of "Ralphie to the Rescue!" and in the more poignant quiet numbers for Ralphie's mother, played by Susannah Jones. Ms. Jones often centers the evening with calm motherly love and lovely singing voice."-Broadway World Buffalo


"Meanwhile, Susannah Jones’ Mother...renders one song particularly memorable: “Just Like That,” a sweetly sung ode to the brevity of moments for both good and ill."--Dallas Morning News 


"Mother has an absolutely beautiful song with What a Mother Does, of which Jones gives an emotional performance"--Forth Worth Star Telegram


"Jones is a wistfully loving Mother, comically delivering wordless clues to her befuddled crossword addict husband, but also standing her ground when push comes to principles. Jones has a clear, unforced soprano voice, giving heart to the show’s most melodic song, “Just Like That” as she advises her son about how time and incidents collide suddenly to form meaning for us. Something like that. Loved the song."



"With a voice as sweetly comforting as the character she plays, Susannah Jones gives a charming portrayal of Ralphie’s mother … even when resolutely pitching in her two cents to the overall anti-gun consensus that 'You’ll shoot your eye out kid!'"--The Flash List Dallas


"Jones is brilliant in this role, arguably the best player in the cast. She gives the frazzled mother from the movie a more polished veneer while simultaneously imbuing the role with a sense of deep love for the family. Her solos “What a Mother Does” and “Just Like That” are moving and nuanced, and her voice shines. Though the action is almost identical to the film, including some of the lines, Jones hits a different, more sophisticated level of comedy than the movie. The character becomes vibrant and is elevated nearly to a leading role by Jones’ performance."--The Column, Dallas


"Jones delivers perhaps the show's most poignant moment with "Just Like That," a heartfelt tune about the fleeting moments of childhood."--Riverfront Times


"Mother sings two beautiful songs about how much she loves her family and treasures the time she spends with them and in the process, Susannah Jones gives us a fabulous performance. "-- Playback, St. Louis


"The only exceptions are the quiet, contemplative tunes sung by Mother (Susannah Jones), the miracle woman who keeps the household running while lifting everyone’s spirits. “What a Mother Does” and “Just Like That” offer glimpses at the woman beyond the apron, and Jones sounds heavenly."--D Magazine


"Susannah Jones was a real standout as The Mother, and her beautiful and soothing singing voice perfectly complemented the sweet demeanor necessary for the role."--Red Carpet Crash

Phantomwise at NYC Fringe Festival

“Susannah Jones gives a delectably animated performance in the role of Alice’s younger sister”

Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley
Top 5 Romance for 2014

"Would their chosen narrator, Susannah Jones, be able to carry off the larger than life characters, over the top antics, hilarity, and attitude found in Kristen Ashley tales?


Susannah Jones does it in spades! Listening to Rock Chick is a blast as any KA experience should be. The large cast of characters each has a distinct voice never leaving you wondering who’s on the speaking deck. Ms. Jones remains consistently on target once her feet are completely wet in the Rock Chick world. Her delivery choices are true to the personalities written and she captures all the drama big or small which is a kick."


Ten Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac
AudioFile Earphones Award Winner 2017

"Narrator Susannah Jones's high-speed pacing conveys Maeve's jangly thoughts and obsession with every potential scary outcome of her life--complete with research that feeds her anxiety. Jones does an equally fine job portraying minor characters. Whether calm, compassionate, or frustrated, these secondary characters allow listeners a bit of relief from Maeve's intensity...Jones builds the tension and then relieves it as Maeve develops honesty, courage, and love for her new girlfriend."



Rock Chick Redemption By Kristen Ashley


"If I could give more than 5 stars for the performance, I would. Susannah Jones was A-MAZ-ING for this series, Kristen did an excellent job of selecting her as the narrator.  If they gave out awards for audio books, Susannah would surely deserve one, she is that good.


She perfectly captures the crazy insanity that is a Rock Chick and her posse.  Nailing each character’s voice – she’s like the Rich Little of audio books.  From Roxie’s wavering swooning over Hank and the fellow Hot Bunch’ers, to her uppity tone when being bossed around. Although I wanted to strangle Roxie at times for her stupidity, Susannah delivered her character in such a way that I was often more amused than annoyed.  And I can’t forget Tex’s BOOMING voice, Trish (Roxie’s Mom) with her prayers to Jesus, or Annette with her sass – “Yo bitch!”  I’m sure the DC drivers thought I was loony with the stupid grin on my face as I was driving.  I enjoyed this book so much, I truly didn’t want it to end.  About a nanosecond passed before I was 1-clicking the next audio book, Rock Chick Renegade (despite already using up my 2 Audible credits for the month).


As Allie would say, this performance was RIGHTEOUS!"


The Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish

It was an incredibly compelling story and I enjoyed every minute of it and I do mean every minute in the literal sense. I listened to the audiobook and Susannah Jones’ narration was absolutely brilliant. I am not a night owl at all but I found myself staying up till 1:30am one night because I couldn’t stop listening. Her various voices and accents for both male and female was phenomenal and she no doubt made this already fantastic story into something even better.-For The Love Of Words Blog

I switched between the print and audio, both were great but the audio kept me listening past my bedtime. Susannah Jones made Kincaid jump off the page. She performed Kincaid how I imaged her in my head when I was reading the print version.-The Book Nympho

The narrator, Susannah Jones, is absolutely perfect!  I had not heard her prior to this book, but you can bet she’s going on my list of favorite narrators.-One Book Two

Susannah Jones narrates The Voodoo Killings and I think she is a perfect match for this series. Her voice for Kincaid rocked and reminded me a little of Georgina Kincaid. She had just the right mix of snark and sweet... She provided different voices for the characters, even some of the scary paranormal ones, which only enhanced my enjoyment. The story unraveled in vivid 3D for me as I listened.-Caffeinated Book Reviewer

I switched back and forth between the audiobook and the ARC while reading this and I can't recommend the audiobook enough! By the time I finished the book, I had listened to over 75% of it. It's definitely one of the best audiobooks I've listened to in 2016. The narrator, Susannah Jones, totally captured the atmosphere of the book and her portrayal of Kincaid and the other characters was on par with what I had imagined in my head.-Goldilox And The Three Weres

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